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Top Sweets Crispy and Juicy Churros

Crispy and Juicy Churros


Crispy and Juicy Churros

CCHAN Cooking
nside of a crispy fried churro is a lot of melting white chocolate ♡ It is churros recommended for the sweet lovers

■ Cooking time About 45 minutes (excluding freezing time)
■ Material cost approx. 940 yen

■ Ingredients
· Water 1 cup
· Butter ... 70 g
· Sugar ... 40 g
· Salt ... a bit
· Light flour ... 200g
· Eggs ... 2 pieces
· White chocolate ball ... 6 pieces
· Color sugar

■ Steps
1. Pour water, butter, salt, sugar in a pot and heat them up
2. Add light flour at once and mix with wood spatula till the powder disappears
3. Put two eggs, one pink and one purple colorant in two and knead it well
4. Put 3 in the piping bag, squeeze the base part, place a white chocolate ball, squeeze the dough further and freeze it in the freezer
5. Fry 4 until it is colored
6. After attaching to icing cream, put color sugar

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