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Top Hair Curl Your Hair in 4 Seconds!

Curl Your Hair in 4 Seconds!


Curl Your Hair in 4 Seconds!

CCHAN ヘアアレンジ
How to Curl Hair in 4 Seconds!

Only 4 seconds!
Autocurler, or hair iron?!
Because it automatically curls the hair, it is perfect for clumsy users or beginners ♡!

Since the tightness of the curl can be changed by setting the number of seconds,
it’s easy to style your hair depending on what mood you’re in ♡

4 seconds: 38 mm
6 seconds: 32 mm
8 seconds: 28 mm

But wait, there’s more! With the steam setting attached,
It’s better than the ordinary Miracurl
Curl power + steam function= great staying power!
If you don’t feel like curling your hair yourself, or you don’t trust yourself to curl well, try the Miracurl! ♡

【Product used】
Miracurl yurufuwa steam
¥ 19,224

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