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Top Diy No-Water Make-up Brush Cleaner

No-Water Make-up Brush Cleaner


No-Water Make-up Brush Cleaner

<No-Water Make-up Brush Cleaner>
【How to use】
1. Rub against coarse sponge
2. Finish by arranging brush hairs with finer sponge!

■ Working time: 15 minutes
■ Material cost: About $2
· Can
· Coarse sponge (Can Do bath wash sponge used in clip)
· Small sponge (Seria melamine sponge used in clip)

1. Cut the sponge according to the size of the can
2. Complete by putting the cut sponge in can

Care & Clean for your Make-up Items

<How to Care>
◇ Eyelash curler
Remove rubber
Clean with a make-up remover sheet
Attach new rubber

◇ Pencil sharpener
Apply a cleansing agent to a cotton swab
Wipe the inside and outside of the pencil sharpener

◇ Glue on false eyelashes
Soak in lukewarm water for about 2 minutes
Take glue off with tweezers

◇ Mascara is hardened
Wash mascara brush with cleansing agent

◇ Makeup Sponge
Wet with lukewarm water and wash with cleanser

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