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Dried Fruit Candy


Dried Fruit Candy

CCHAN Cooking
Let's make cute candies with various dry fruits ♡

■ Cooking time About 20 minutes (excluding drying time)

■ Ingredients
· White sugar ... 200g
· 4 tablespoons water
· Dried orange ... 1 piece
· Dried lemon ... 1 piece
· Dried strawberries ... 3 pieces
· Dried kiwi ... 1 piece
· Dried blueberries ... 5 pieces

■ Steps
1. Pour white sugar, water in a pan and heat until it gets a little colored
2. Flow a small amount of candy into an aluminum mold. Place dry fruit on top of it and shed candy further
3. Place until solidified at room temperature
4. Remove 3 from the mold and warm up the extra candy slightly. Attach the candy stick to the back of the dried fruit candy and it is done!

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