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Top Sweets Guilt-free!? Healthy Salad Cake

Guilt-free!? Healthy Salad Cake


Guilt-free!? Healthy Salad Cake

CCHAN Cooking
Even if you eat a lot, there is no guilt !?
The cream is made with tofu.

■ Ingredients
・ Eggs: 130g
・ Sugar ... 20g
・ Flour ... 70g
・ Baking powder ... 2g
・ Milk ... 15ml
・ Mayonnaise ... 20g

Tofu cream cheese sauce
・ Cream cheese ... 200g
・ Silk tofu… 200g
・ Mayonnaise ... 50g

Cake decoration materials
(Please use your favorite vegetables.)
・ Ginseng: appropriate amount
・ Avocado: appropriate amount
・ Purple cabbage: appropriate amount
・ Salt… appropriate amount
・ Mayonnaise ... appropriate amount
・ Black pepper: appropriate amount
・ Your favorite herbs ...
■ Preparation
sponge cake
1. Put eggs and sugar in a bowl and mix it with a hand mixer. Put it over a hot water bath.
2. Remove from hot water, shake flour and baking powder and mix with a spatula.
3. Add milk and mayonnaise that have been combined in advance, mix, and pour into the mold. Bake in a 170 degree oven for 35 minutes.
4. Slice the baked sponge cake into three equal parts.

Cut carrots and purple cabbage into slices, sprinkle with salt, soak for 10 minutes and squeeze the water.

■ Steps
1. Spread thin mayonnaise to the sponge cake surface and apply black pepper.
2. Place avocado, carrot and purple cabbage on top of each other.
3. Mix the cream cheese, silken tofu, and mayonnaise back to room temperature to make a tofu cream cheese sauce.
4. Apply tofu cream cheese sauce around 2
8. Decorate with your favorite vegetables and herbs.

Decorative carrot
1. Slice the carrot thinly about 5cm x 3cm.
2. Sprinkle with salt and drain the water with kitchen paper.
3. Cut with a kitchen knife so that 3-4 lines are in the middle of the carrot.
4. Wrap it around chopsticks and you're done when the shape is ready.

Production: Kyoko Miura

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