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Top Diy How to Use Seagrass Mat

How to Use Seagrass Mat


How to Use Seagrass Mat

How do you do your laundry?
It happen sometimes that you just leave the clothes on the floor after you take it off.
Don't you want a convenience bag that you can just throw your clothes?

Let's use Sea grass mat to make your room clearly!

【Things to prepare】
☆Pattern 1
・Seria See grass mat 1x
・Seria window flame 2x
・Hemp string

☆Pattern 2
・Seria Sea grass mat 2x
・Hemp string
・Leisure sheet

【How to make】
☆Pattern 1
?Put the mat horizontally and connect the window flame then band it with the hemp string to make shallow container
?Spread the fabric which you like into ? to prevent the thing flow

☆Pattern 2
?Put the shorter part of the mat together with the hemp string. Do the same thing on the other side too.
?Turn the leisure seat to back side and fold it in two then staple it. Don't staple the upper part but turn it back to show the pattern.
?Put the leisure sheet bag in the tubular mat and put out the upper part to complete!

How do you like it?
If you use the Sea grass mat, you feel cool even it is still hot outside!
You can use it in other way not only for laundry!

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