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Top Diy Cute Pastels ♡ DIY Cupcake Memo Stand

Cute Pastels ♡ DIY Cupcake Memo Stand


Cute Pastels ♡ DIY Cupcake Memo Stand

Cute Pastels ♡ DIY Cupcake Memo Stand

Pastel colored dreamy cute cupcake.
Decorate your desk to make your day more gorgeous ♡

[Things to prepare]
・ Paper clay
・ Acrylic paint (yellow ocher, rose, pastel lemon)
・ Muffin mold
・ Silicone whip
・ Clear cup
・ spoon
・ Whipped cream bag (1 large, 2 small)
・ Masking tape
・ Base
・ Memo stand clip
・ Dried flower

1. Color the clay.
2. Pack muffins with clay.
3. Color the silicone whip to make two colors (rose pastel lemon).
4. Put the colored silicone whipped cream into the small whipped cream bag.
5. Combine the two whip bags and fasten with masking tape.
6. Put 5 in the large whip bag containing the base.
7. Squeeze the whip on the clay.
8. Stick the memo stand clip.
9. Complete with dried flowers.

creator: Katsunata Miran @ Instagram @fantasia_miran

About the place of purchase
Paper clay / muffin type → 100 yen shop ceria
Memo stand → 100 yen shop candy
Paint / silicone whip → Tokyu Hands, net, etc.
Whip bag / mouthpiece → confectionery shop, Tokyu Hands, net etc.
Pressed flower → net etc.

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