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Top Nail Cute 3D Baby Nail Art

Cute 3D Baby Nail Art


Cute 3D Baby Nail Art

1. Paint the base gel
2. Paint milky pink gel
3. Draw fringe with cream yellow gel
4. Form a bottle by taking clear gel on plastic resin clay
5. Put in hot water and remove the mold from the bottle
6. Pour mixture of oil and glitter into the bottle
7. Wrap a magnet with pink and white acrylic, shape the lid and nipple
8. Use pink acrylic to attach the bottle and lid closely together
9. Make a baby bottle rubber attachment with pink acrylic
10. Draw the bottle scale with red gel and coat with top gel
11. Form baby's face with beige acrylic on the nail
12. Make baby's cheeks, hair, ribbon with pink and brown acrylic
13. Draw baby's face with black gel
14. Coat with top gel and complete ☆

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