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Sea Shell Sandwich Cookie


Sea Shell Sandwich Cookie

CCHAN Cooking
■ Cooking time: about 30 minutes (cooling time 1 hour)
■ Material cost: Approximately$4.88

■ Ingredients
· Butter ... 100 g
· Honey ... 80g
· Cake flour ... 140g

Cheese cream
· Cream cheese ... 100 g
· Sugar ... 20 g
· Heavy cream ... 120ml
· Silver dragees ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
1. Put butter at room temperature and honey in a bowl and mix.
2. Sift flour and mix it in until fully incorporated and let it rest for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
3. Take 20 g of 2 are mold round by hand, press it against the vertical part of the lemon squeezer to make a pattern and bake in a 170 ° oven for 20 minutes.
4. Make cheese cream while cooling 3. Add sugar to the cream cheese, mix, separate the cream into several parts and mix further (cool in the refrigerator if the cheese cream is loose).
5. Squeeze 4 on the back of the cooled cookie, put silver dragees on it, and finish it with another piece of cookie♪

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