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Top Diy Lace Earrings with Resin♡

Lace Earrings with Resin♡


Lace Earrings with Resin♡

· Masking tape
· Hikimono-ring
· UV-LED resin HARD
· Lace fabric
· gloves
· clear file folder
· Toothpicks
· UV light
· Scissors
· Round jump ring
· Acrylic Pearl Parts
· Stone parts
· Earring parts
· Flat pincers
1) Roll the masking tape and paste it on the workbench
2) Stick hikimono ring on the masking tape
3) Scoop the resin with a toothpick and spread evenly over the ring
4) Place the lace fabric from above and hold down lightly with a toothpick
5) Cure with UV light
6) Apply resin again on the ring
7) Cure
8) Cut the excess part with scissors
9) Connect pearl and stone to ring and lace with round jump ring
10) Completed by connecting with earring metal parts!

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