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Top Makeup Glossy Lids in 1 Step ♡

Glossy Lids in 1 Step ♡


Glossy Lids in 1 Step ♡

Pigments have recently become very popular!
Beauty gurus everywhere have tried all kinds of pigments from different brands!
We have a feeling its popularity will continue to spread ♡

From among the many pigments out there, this time we will introduce 5 recommended pigments (in our opinion)♪

item 1: BBIA
Pigment eye shadow in # sweet paste
Approximately ¥ 1,000 (varies from site to site)

item 2: Witch's Pouch
Selfie Fix Pigment in # 08 Blue Moon
¥ 907 ​​(tax included)

item 3: 3CE
Sparkling Liquid Pigment in # MYSTIQUE
¥ 2,280 (tax included)

item 4: EGLIPS (Eglips)
Lively Liquid Glitter Shadow in # 05 Love Twinkle
¥ 980 (tax included)

item 5: L. A.. Colors
Ice Pigment Powder in # CE 541
¥ 421 (tax included)

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