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Top Diy DIY Resin Heart Ruler

DIY Resin Heart Ruler


DIY Resin Heart Ruler

Want to make your own ruler? Here’s how, with resin!
Add a feminine touch by adding a lace heart to the top♡

【What to prepare】
・ Silicon mold
・ UV-LED resin Agate of the star
・ Toning palette
・ Toning stick
・ Lace
・ Ruler film

【How to make】
1. Mix resin (white / red / white) to make white / pink
2. Sprinkle resin little by little and pour into mold and harden
3. Make the lace a heart shape
4. Pour resin throughout
5. Put the ruler film and cover the resin
6. Harden and complete

※ We recommend the use of gloves, ventilation of room during work.
※ Because resin becomes high temperature, please be careful in handling.

creator: Katsura Milan Instagram @fantasia_miran

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