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Top Gourmet 【Thailand】Ice cream from "Milk Solid"

【Thailand】Ice cream from "Milk Solid"


【Thailand】Ice cream from "Milk Solid"

Bri B.
Milk Solid is located on Soi Convent, Silom road, just a few minutes walk from the BTS skytrain Saladaeng station. Silom is a big business area in Bangkok. Milk Solid is a nice quiet place to have some ice cream to take a few minutes to relax from work for office workers or high school students. They use Nitrogen to make the ice cream so the ice cream is so soft and thick in your mouth. The best thing is watching the ice cream get made. It happens right in front of you with the help of nitrogen. It’s like being in science class!
Chocolate Nitrogen Ice Cream - 75 Baht Business hours: 10:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Milk Solid

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