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Top Diy Cute Animal Accessory Tray

Cute Animal Accessory Tray


Cute Animal Accessory Tray

· Paper clay
· Presser
· Lacquer spray Navy blue, gold
· Something to spread beneath (garbage bag etc)
· Animal figurines such as lion, gorilla, flamingo
· Glue gun

1. Take paper clay in appropriate size, round, then flatten both sides with a presser. Push the gorilla's hand against one side and take the mold. Remove from the presser and let it dry.
2. Prepare dried paper clay and three dishes in different sizes and paint them with a dark blue lacquer spray evenly (be sure to work on something so that the surroundings do not get dirty). Dry the painted clay and dish completely.
3. Similarly paint animal figurines with a golden spray. Also dry thoroughly.
4. Use glue gun and put glue on the back of the lion and stick it to the back of the biggest dish. Stick to three places in a well-balanced manner so that the dish does not tilt.
5. Use glue gun to stick gorilla's feet on top of the biggest dish and put the clay on top of the hands.
6 Arrange flamingos at the center of the second largest dish and put the smallest dish on the back.
Apply glue gun to the clay on the gorilla's hand and stick together. Complete by putting the giraffe on the top dish!

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