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Top Sweets Cherry Blossom Red Bean Pie🌸

Cherry Blossom Red Bean Pie🌸


Cherry Blossom Red Bean Pie🌸

CCHAN Cooking
Cherry Blossom Red Bean Pie🌸

Cute irresistible dish wrapped in beautiful dough with pink and white marble
Enjoy with warm green tea ♡

■ Ingredients
White dough (pie dough)
・ Flour ... 110g
・ Sugar ... 20g
・ Butter ... 45g
・ Salt ... some
・ Water: appropriate amount

Pink dough (pie dough)
・ Flour… 100g
・ Butter ... 50g
・ Food color: appropriate amount

・ White bean ... appropriate amount
・Pickled cherry blossom ... 1
・ Egg yolk ... appropriate amount

■ Steps:
Dough making
1. Put the white dough ingredients in a bowl to make a lump. Wrap and leave for 30 minutes.
2. Put the pink dough in a bowl, mix and divide into 15g pieces and roll.
3. Divide the dough of 1 into 20g, wrap 2 and roll it with a rolling pin.
Repeat the same process once more
4. Shape 3 round and put white bean paste on it and wrap it.
5. Mold into a cherry blossom shape, place the egg yolk in the center, and bake in a 180 ° C oven for 20 minutes.

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