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Top Diy Mont Blanc Cake Memo Stand!

Mont Blanc Cake Memo Stand!


Mont Blanc Cake Memo Stand!

Did you buy a Mont Blanc maker and have no other use for it?
Let’s add some practicality to that ♪
We will introduce how to make a memo stand using a Mont Blanc maker!

【What you need】
· Donut silicon mold
· Spherical silicon mold
· Baby Oil
· Resin clay yellow ocher / white / yellow
·clear file
· Mont Blanc maker
· Flat
· Silicone whip
· Suites Decor Parts
· Toothpicks
· Instant adhesives
· Memo stand

1) Apply Baby oil to the silicon mold and fill with resin clay
2) Remove from the mold when it hardens by drying
※ It takes about 2 days for complete drying, but the surface becomes hard in about half a day.
3) Put resin clay into Mont Blanc maker and press
4) Make a bond on the foundation made in step 2 and place the hemispherical clay
5) Bind the hemisphere with a brush and wind up the rod clay made by the manufacturer
6) Squeeze the silicone whip on the top and place any sweets decoration parts
7) Dry (about half a day to 1 day)
8) Make a hole with a toothpick
9) Paint instant adhesive on the stand and insert it into the hole

Put it on your desk for a sweet, useful display ♪

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