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Top Sweets Big!! Homemade Gummy ♡

Big!! Homemade Gummy ♡


Big!! Homemade Gummy ♡

Gummy can actually be made easily at home 💞
Want to make a huge gummy?
Of course it is cute even if you make it with a small mold!

・ Your favorite juice (tropicana orange, grape) ... 120ml
・ Powdered gelatin ... 10g
・ Sugar (or chickenpox, honey, etc.) ... 2 tablespoons
(Orange 700ml: Gelatin 60g, Grape 200ml: Gelatin 15g)

■ Steps
1. Put juice and powdered gelatin in a heat-resistant container and microwave.
2. Add sugar to 1, mix well and dissolve.
3. Pour into the mold and wait for it to solidify.

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