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Top Diy DIY Tropical Drink Phone Case 🍹

DIY Tropical Drink Phone Case 🍹


DIY Tropical Drink Phone Case 🍹

DIY Tropical Drink Phone Case 🍹

【Working time】
50 minutes

【What to prepare】
1 smartphone case 1 piece (in the video sample, clear use)
2 resin 10g
3 colored resin (Video sample uses clear blue)
4 printed (printed) paper with a glass silhouette of your choice
5 cooking sheet 30 x 25 cm
6 thickness 0.4 mm PVC 6 x 13 cm 2 sheets
7 holo sheet
8 Glitter powder a little
9 baby oil a little
10 purified water a little
11 acrylic paint a little (The animation sample uses orange and red and yellow and white)
12 oil paint a little bit (video sample uses yellow)
13 Adhesives for metals

【Tools to prepare】
1UV light (UV light reference price 1680 yen amazon)
2 iron
3 ironing board
4 scissors
5 ballpoint pen
6 molds (use of flat plate for moving picture sample)
7 paper cups
8 tweezers
9 toothpicks
10 chopsticks

【How to make】
1 Draw a glass on one cooking sheet and cut it (3 sheets)
(2) Fold the cooking sheet in half, spread it, stack 3 cooking sheets and 2 plastic sheets in order in the shape of a glass, and sandwich with cooking sheets
3 Iron, avoiding the cooking sheet
4 Cut 3 plastics from a glass-shaped cooking sheet
5 Cut the upper part and take out the cooking sheet inside
6 Dissolve yellow oil paint in oil and dissolve red and orange acrylic paint in purified water
7 Put the square sheet of holo sheet and glitter in vinyl, put colored oil and purified water
8 Cover the top of the glasses with a cooking sheet and iron
9 resin is colored with yellow acrylic paint, put in the mold and cured for 3 to 5 minutes
Color the resin with 10 white acrylic paints, write white parts of lemon with toothpicks, 3-5 minutes hardening
11 coat with clear resin and harden with UV light for 3 to 5 minutes
12 Mix color resin and resin and coat the entire smartphone case for 3 to 5 minutes irradiation
13 Glue tropical juice and lemon to the case with metal adhesive

【Tip ・ Point】
Please be careful of burns as the iron gets hot
Ironing should be at the end of the plastic, which may cause loss of transparency
Please put the iron at high temperature for a long time to bond the plastic firmly.
Liquid may come out from the inside upon strong impact
Please remove with tweezers (toothpick) so that air bubbles do not remain in the resin
Please be sure to take out the resin after hardening
Curing defects will occur if you put too much acrylic paint, please be careful to put too much
he adhesive used in the video sample starts to cure in 5 minutes, is a type that mixes (equivalents) the two parts and is used, please mix and use until uniform


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