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Top Diy Dreams do not stop ♡ Unicorn pen

Dreams do not stop ♡ Unicorn pen


Dreams do not stop ♡ Unicorn pen

Cute pen with a unicorn motif ♡
Draw a picture with a white pen on the plaque, and add a color from the back, it is a very cute motif♪

【What to prepare】
· Platform
· White pen
·sand paper
·Cooking Sheet
· UV - LED resin star drop
· UV light

【How to make】
1. Put the picture you want to draw under the plaque, trace the picture with a white pen from above
2. Cut around the picture and shave off the back with sandpaper
3. Apply color to the cut surface with pastel and wipe off extra color with tissue
4. Heat and shrink the plaque with an oven toaster
5. Squeeze and press with cooking sheets while hot
6. Mix glitter with resin
7. Apply resin to the plaque and put a stone
8. Cure with UV light and coat the back side with resin as well
9. Completed by adhering unicorn and rhinestone to pen with resin!

When plastics and resin are applied, it will have a beautiful glossy finish ♪

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