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Top Sweets Raspberry Mousse Cookie Dessert ♡

Raspberry Mousse Cookie Dessert ♡


Raspberry Mousse Cookie Dessert ♡

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Raspberry Mousse ♡

Languedocia cookies are quite popular in Japan!
The creaminess of the raspberry mousse and crunchy texture of the Languedocia cookie surrounding it is just irresistible ☆

■ Cooking time: About 25 minutes (excluding drying time)
■ Ingredients cost: approximately 1,378 yen

■ Ingredients:
7 cm Circle (6 pieces)
· Egg white ... 50g
· Powdered sugar ... 50 g
· Honey 50g
· Flour ... 50g
· Melted butter ... 50 g
Raspberry mousse
· Raspberry Puree ... 200g
· Sugar ... 30g
· Gelatin 5g
· Fresh cream ... 200ml

· Raspberry ... appropriate amount
· Mint ... appropriate amount

■ Steps:
1. Add egg whites in the bowl and lightly mix, then add powdered sugar and mix
2. Sift the flour, add honey, mix, add melted butter and mix the whole.
3. Flatten using a spoon in the mould made from a milk carton and spread flat. Bake in a 180 degree oven for 7 minutes. Wrap it around the Circle while hot so that it takes shape
4. Put raspberry puree in a pan, warm it, add sugar and gelatin and melt.
5.Add it to cold water to cool. Separate fresh cream into two portions and mix.
6. Put raspberry mousse in the Languedocia and decorate with raspberries and mint. Complete!

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