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Top Nail Can't take eyes off ! Aurora Nails <3

Can't take eyes off ! Aurora Nails <3


Can't take eyes off ! Aurora Nails <3

Hot trend in Winter!
Aurora art nails is a must try for you!
It is the same as popular like mirror art nails!
The painted colours are glazing as Aurora effect,
let you keep eyes on its beautiful illusion <3

A popular trend of NAIL ART♪

1. Apply a layer of basecoat, then apply two layers of grayish navy blue polish to nails.
2. Apply no wipe top coat
3. Paint aurora veil on the nails, blush off the remaining powder.
4. Wear one more layer of topcoat and leave it dry completely
5. Apply one more layer of topcoat, stick aurora rhinestone and crystal stones to the nails.
6. Paint a base layer of clear acrylic powder then stick crystal to the nails.
7. Stick another stones if necessary (Make sure the balance of beauty fits your need)
8. Seal with last layer of topcoat, DONE!
※ Skip the step of applying UV light to dry nails.

produced by esNAIL 

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