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Top Makeup Minimalist Makeup for Mini Bags💄✨

Minimalist Makeup for Mini Bags💄✨


Minimalist Makeup for Mini Bags💄✨

This is OK! Excellent Outing Mini Cosmetics ♡

For when you want to keep your things to a minimum, but want the most out of them!

Concealer: A concealer you want to have on as a must have repair product. MiMC's mineral concealer is not only "mini", but it is also gentle on the skin but firmly covered. I'm glad that it can be taken off with just soap.

Lip: Lipstick and gloss on lip balm. An item you really want to carry around. Fujiko's Mini Watery Rouge is the perfect finish with just one. The semi-matte texture is fresh. Exquisite cute seasonal colors are available so you can find one of your favorite!

Multi-Powder: Multi-functional mobile cosmetic with three roles, eyes, blush, lips. The slightly dull color creates a sense of naturalness. In addition, it is an excellent item, a hypoallergenic item that can be used even when the skin’s condition is poor.

Face Balm: A moisturizing item essential for this season. The narrow stick type that can be used on the entire face, including the eyes and lips. Simple and stylish products are perfect for delicate mini bags!

[Use cosmetics]
■ MiMC
Mineral concealer 01
¥ 4000 (excluding tax)
Contact 03-6455-5165

■ Fujiko
Mini Watery Rouge 05
¥ 1,100 (excluding tax)
Contact Information Kanarabo 0120-91-3836

Mineral multi powder linen beige
¥ 2,300 (excluding tax)
Contact 0120-0477-80

■ to / one
Face treatment stick

・ Other cosmetics staff personal items

Cast: Nana Shinnoo
Hair and makeup: TOMOMI KATAOKA @ STRAMA http://strama.jp

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