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Top Sweets No-Bake Sticky Chinese Dessert😋

No-Bake Sticky Chinese Dessert😋


No-Bake Sticky Chinese Dessert😋

CCHAN Cooking
No-Bake Chinese Traditional Dessert😋

Chinese traditional confectionery.
There are four flavors in the sticky dough!
It is a dessert that shines and is colorful , not to mention delicious ♡

■ Ingredients
<Beet powder>
・ Milk ... 200ml
・ Condensed milk… 50g
・ Sugar… 40g
・ Butter ... 40g
・ Flour… 20g
・ Glutinous rice flour ... 40g
・ Rice flour ... 40g
・ Beet powder ... 2 tsp

・ White bean paste ... appropriate amount
・Salted egg yolk ... 1

<Other flavors>
・ Matcha powder × pumpkin bean paste
・ Strawberry powder × Purple sweet bean paste
・ Pumpkin powder × Honey nuts

■ Steps:
1. Put milk, condensed milk, sugar and melted butter in a bowl and mix.
2. Sift flour, rice cake flour, glutinous rice flour and beet powder and mix.
3. Place in a heat-resistant container and steam for 15 minutes with a steamer.
4. Knead when chilled.
※ It is easier to knead if you apply salad oil to your hands.
5. Divide the kneaded dough into 30g pieces and wrap the bean paste.
6. Sprinkle the wrapped dough with cornstarch, add 5 and remove to complete.

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