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Top Fashion 【Singapore】The Exhibit Store!

【Singapore】The Exhibit Store!


【Singapore】The Exhibit Store!

Audrey Patricia
The Exhibit Store is founded by a Macau born, Singapore-based fashion designer, Yoyo Cao or famous as @yoyokulala and the flagship store is located in Far East Plaza, a popular shopping destination for many youngsters. The store carries a series of edgy, fashionable clothing that are definitely runway worthy! The label sports a monochromatic style, with simple and clean silhouettes as the focus. The founder strongly believes in empowering women to dress simply and powerfully. If you're looking for a well-made statement piece with a timeless silhouette, Exhibit is definitely the place to check out!

Exhibit Store

address 14 Scott's Road, Far East Plaza #04-115
ウェブ http://exhibitstore.co

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