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Top Diy DIY Cute Toilet Paper Cover🎀

DIY Cute Toilet Paper Cover🎀


DIY Cute Toilet Paper Cover🎀

Does your spare toilet paper roll rack look dull?
If so, this wrapping method is recommended.
It looks cute like a present!

It is a DIY that you can do, too♪

[What to prepare]
·wrapping paper
・ Scissors

1. Fold the square wrapping paper into two triangles
2. Unfold and fold vertically, then fold left and right
3. Fold the top part toward you and spread it out from the bottom.
4. Fold inward according to the center crease
5. Fold the left and right of the top toward you
6. Hold down the center and fold from bottom to top
7.Make notches in 4 places
8. Fold the center of the top toward you and make a notch in the bottom
9. Fold the left and right sides respectively and fasten them with adhesive tape
10. Fold the top center up and down and arrange the bottom with scissors!
11. If you put it on the wrapping paper for the toilet paper, it will be completed ♪

It is a cute ribbon.

Toilet paper,
Are you happy about your cuteness? ♡

Planning: Ayako Machida

Clipper: Miran Katsuma

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