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Top Hair Fancy Wedding/Party Updo

Fancy Wedding/Party Updo


Fancy Wedding/Party Updo

Wedding・Party hair
Cute Hairstyle

Gather hair on top and turn inside out
Loosen for more volume
Take hair from the side and braid
The there side too
Once you feel both sides are level, you’re good!
Take the braided hair and insert into the hair on top
Loosening the hair makes for a prettier style♡
I forgot to💔
Take the top 2/3 hair and turn it inside out again
Prepare for arranging the style
Braid the remaining hair
The other side too
Tie the ends like so, so there are no ends showing in the hair

It’s coming out😂—>
It’s ok to secure with pins
Gather the hair and arrange it
I’ll go ahead and secure with pins
Loosen to your liking

Curl the hair around the face as well as bangs
Add any cute pins, and complete!
I hope this video helped!

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