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Top Nail 3D Hamburger Nails

3D Hamburger Nails


3D Hamburger Nails

3D Hamburger Nails

Turn up the volume on this burger!

1, Color the 3D gel with acrylic powder and make two buns
2, make tomato with 3D gel in red
Mix 3 or 2 color 3D gel to make lettuce
4, To give the meat texture, give a three-dimensional effect with a toothpick. Burn it with brown acrylic
5, stretch the yellow 3D gel with a toothpick and cut it into a square shape with a cutter to make cheese
6, Make a hole in the middle of a white 3D gel and put a yellow gel to make a fried egg
7, Stack the burger parts, draw an illustration on the top bun, and cut it in half with a cutter
8, apply off-white gel twice
9, Nail stamp
10, Top gel
11, put hamburger on top

produced by cin-cia nail academy @cincia_nail

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