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Top Cooking Sheep-shaped Coconut Desserts

Sheep-shaped Coconut Desserts


Sheep-shaped Coconut Desserts

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Sheep-shaped Coconut Desserts

We turned a candy "Baíginho" using Brazilian coconut into a cute sheep !

■ 40 minutes cooking time
■ Ingredients cost: approximately 3100 yen (for 10 pieces)

■ Ingredients:
・ Condensed milk ... 1000 g
・ Salted butter ... 200 g
・ Coconut fine ... suitable amount
・ Snowball cookie ... appropriate amount
・ Pretzels (small) ... suitable amount
・ White chocolate ... 200 g
・ Chocolate pen ... one

■ Steps:
1. Put condensed milk and butter in a pot and cook over low heat. Keep mixing constantly so as not to burn it.
2. When it is thick, pour it into a pan and cool it in the refrigerator.
3. Add white chocolate to small pretzels
4. Roll step 2 into ping pong ball sizes.
5. Apply fine coconut fine to step 4
6. Stick snowball cookies on step 5 and put step 3 on both sides
7. It will be completed once you write eyes and mouths with chocolate pen ♪

※ For the relation of production, we put transparent film for confectionery on artificial turf and put up Paizinho.

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