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Top Diy Fixing Tears on Clothes: the Fun Way!☆

Fixing Tears on Clothes: the Fun Way!☆


Fixing Tears on Clothes: the Fun Way!☆

Introducing how to embroider and repair holes and tears in cloth and leather products.
Color coordination of fabric and embroidery thread is fun ♪
Those with many seams are recommended for thick fabrics.
Use embroidery thread and needle.
Please place a lining if necessary.

● Things to prepare:
・ Embroidery thread (3 threads)
・ Embroidery needle
・ Fray prevention solution
・ Capsule toy container or spoon, etc.
* Useful items
・ Chacopen (Recommended type to disappear naturally over time)

1) Treat the fabric edge with anti-fray solution
2) Slip under the cloth and put a round base (such as a capsule toy container)

[In the hole of clothes]
① Draw a circle and five points with a chaco pen around the hole
② Sew the dots together
③ Repeat embroidery, covering the center

[For leather products]
* Please choose a thick fabric.
① Drive the needle out of the hole
② Pass the needle: vertex → left → vertex → right → left
③ Repeat ② while shifting the vertex downward

[For tearing]
(1) Dive the needle through the rift and pull it out
②Left → Right → Top → Left → Top → Right
③ When all the rips have been sewn, go under the seam from below.
④ Pass under the seam from above.

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