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New Ways To Use Cosmetics


New Ways To Use Cosmetics

To be honest, there are lots of "saviours" at times! Apart from the standard usage of your cosmetics, you'll be surprised at these different ways of using them!

You don't have to always shop for new cosmetics, instead, enjoy experimenting with your makeup and hair arrangements ♡

case 1: Bangs X Eyelash Curler
Hold your eyelash curler in one hand, while sliding your bangs part by part, through it, and lightly curling it! You can easily achieve fluffy curled bangs with this ♡

case 2: Eyebrow X Eyeshadow
Put eye shadow from the end of eyebrow

3: Cheek X Lipstick
Is this a classic too?!
Lightly tap your finger onto your lipstick, and transfer it onto your cheeks, lightly blending it in a tapping motion for a natural blush!

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