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Top Diy Popcorn Earrings

Popcorn Earrings


Popcorn Earrings

Creator: Mitsunori Katsumata (Instagram @ fantasia_ miran)

Love popcorn?
With just clay and paint, you can make super realistic popcorn!

【What to prepare】
· Hearty White (clay)
· Toothpicks
· Turner Acrylic Gouache Yellow Ocher, Lower Amber (Acrylic Painting)
· Small amount of water
· Fine brush
· Aron Alpha
· Heaton
· Chain
· Earring parts

【How to make】
1. Take a small amount of Hearty White, knead and roll it round. Place some small rounded clays and shape them with a toothpick.
2. Dissolve each of the two acrylic gouache with a small amount of water, lightly coat it in a hole dug in the popcorn and dry.
3. When clay and paint are completely dry, insert Aron Alpha-coated Heaton and bond, complete with other popcorn and earring metal parts!

Go ahead and try for yourself!

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