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Top Diy [Don’t eat ♡] Flower Jelly Soap

[Don’t eat ♡] Flower Jelly Soap


[Don’t eat ♡] Flower Jelly Soap

The feel of bounciness is like a real jelly ♡

[Things to prepare]
・ Hot water ... 75ml
・ Gelatin ... 12g
・ Body soap (jelly) ... 50g
・ spoon
・ Spherical mold
・ Food color (pink)
・ White body soap ... 20g
・ Scissors

1. Put powdered gelatin and body soap in hot water and mix well.
2. Pour the liquid soap mixed into the spherical ice maker. Cover and cool in refrigerator to harden.
At this time, press the lid firmly. (When it is completed, the sphere will be indented)
3. Add white body soap and pink food color to the remaining liquid soap and mix well.
4. When the sphere soap has solidified, put a pink liquid into the depression with a syringe.
5. Make a flower shape by inserting a syringe or a straw with a round tip into the spherical soap.
6. Re-cool and harden, remove from mold and complete!

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