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Top Sweets Mini Cactus Cupcakes🌵

Mini Cactus Cupcakes🌵


Mini Cactus Cupcakes🌵

CCHAN Cooking
* Since toothpick is used, please be careful when you eat.

■ Ingredients:
Butter cream
・ Sugar ... 100g
・ Starch syrup… 30g
・ Water ... 50ml
・ Butter… 220g
・ Food color: appropriate amount
・ Cupcake ... appropriate amount
・ Chocolate balls ... appropriate amount
・ Gateau at Chocolat… appropriate amount
・ Coconut (shredded): appropriate amount

■ Steps:
・ Butter cream
1. Put sugar, starch syrup, and water in a pan and heat to 180 degrees. Cool.
2. Put butter in a bowl and mix until it is whitish. Add step 1 little by little and mix.
3. Color as you like.

1. Roll a gateau chocolate into a cylindrical shape and stab a toothpick in a chocolate ball and stab it into a cupcake.
2. Completed with butter cream squeezed around it in a cactus pattern.

Production: Kiyoko Miura

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