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Best Cooling Items for Summer!

Life Hack

Best Cooling Items for Summer!

Do you know that there are a lot of goods from Nitori (@nitori_official) to comfortably spend the summer season?
We introduce recommended goods from among them✨

① Rechargeable handy fan with mobile battery function ¥ 1,843
A small fan that can be used by hand or on a desktop, and the strength of the fan can be adjusted from 1 to 5 levels!
If you remove the stand, you can use it as a mobile battery!

②Cool nap mat ¥ 1,843
The mat itself is a cool material, so you can take a nap on a hot day.
Because it comes with a string, I'm glad that it can be stored in a small roll ♪

③Halfket ¥ 1,380
Since it has the same pattern as the nap mat, it can be used as a set!
Since the back is cotton, it is good to use it even on days that are not hot.

④N Cool Series
N Cool is popular every year, but you can choose from 5 types this year!

・ N Cool Light
Because it is affordable, it is recommended for those who are new to N Cool!

・ N Cool Cotton
It is a soft touch with natural materials.
If you are not good at chemical fiber, cotton is recommended.

・ N Cool
Standard type, you can choose from 12 colors. * Including online mail order limited colors
It can be used on the front and back, and the back is a pile.

・ N Cool Super
A comfortable sleep with a special cotton that absorbs and releases moisture for cooling.
I'm glad that it has antibacterial and deodorizing effects!

・ N Cool Double Super
In addition to the effects of N-Cool Super, it also has a sheet that keeps you cool, making it cooler and more comfortable all night.

Furthermore, this year,
they introduced great value set including floor padding, skin futon, and pillow pad!

(All prices are exclusive of tax)

Appearance: Yuu Nakajima Tommy-kun Marie

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