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Top Cooking How to Prevent Bananas from Browning!

How to Prevent Bananas from Browning!


How to Prevent Bananas from Browning!

How to Prevent Bananas from Browning!

Do your bananas blacken quickly? ...
Frozen storage is the best way to store, but how??

■ Steps
1. Peel the banana and cut it into 1.5cm round slices and place them in a zipper bag with the cross section facing up.
Another ver: stab chopsticks and wrap it in a wrap.
2. To the freezer!

POINT: About 1 month can be stored
(However, if you freeze it for a long time, the fibers will be damaged.)

Cut it and save it for a variety of uses!

case1: Mug ice cream
1. Put frozen bananas in a mug and add milk up to 1/4 of the mug. (General estimate is OK!)
POINT: If you want a thicker ice cream, put fresh cream!

2. Complete by crushing with a fork!
Arrange 1: Cocoa + Oreo
Arrangement 2: Matcha + red beans
Arrange 3: Black tea leaf + salt

case2: Cold! Chocolate banana

1. Melt chocolate
2. Dip frozen banana in 1 and place it on a cooking sheet to dry.
POINT: Because the banana is frozen, the chocolate hardens immediately
Done about 20 minutes after you dip in the chocolate! Delicious!

Another ver: Put chocolate on the frozen banana

case3: “Abe River” Banana
1. Mix kinako and sugar, add frozen bananas and coat them.
2. Complete with molasses as you like!

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