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Top Diy DIY Gel Botanical Candle

DIY Gel Botanical Candle


DIY Gel Botanical Candle

■ Working time: 30 minutes (excluding drying time)
■ Material cost: $10

· Bubble Bowl 10cm
· Dessert Cup Straight
· Gel candle tubes ... 3
· Aroma candle
· Dried flower
· Paper cup or heat resistant container
· Tweezers
· Work gloves
· Lighter

1. Place a dessert cup in the bubble bowl.
2. Decorate dry flowers in the gap between the two glass containers with tweezers.
3. Place hot water in a paper cup or heat-resistant container, put gel candle tubes in and melt by hot water bath. Pour in the melted candle in the gap between the glass containers.
4. Put the aroma candle in the dessert cup and it's complete when the gel candle hardens!!

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