トップ Diy Beautiful Night Sky Charm

Beautiful Night Sky Charm


Beautiful Night Sky Charm

Popular writers of C CHANNEL and minne publicly show how to make handmade works with recipe movies!
This time we introduce “Beautiful Night Sky Charm“ made by Rasperima (https://minne.com/razpelyma).
It’s a fantastic world that confines the beautiful night sky and shows the world of the deep sea with various decorations.

【What you need】
· UV resin
· UV or LED light
· 2 nippers
· Tweezers
· Thin brush
· Eyedropper
· Your favorite pigment or ink, dark blue and light blue
·purified water
· Crystal Drop
· Glass dome 15 to 16 mm
· Glass dome cap
· Parts such as your favorite gears and stars
· Your favorite lame or hologram
· Crushed Opal as you like
· Accessory bracket of your choice
· Charm of your choice

① Place the navy blue resin with the dropper and make the back color and harden it.
② Make the base part of the seabed with a navy blue resin and harden it.
③ Make the sea part with the navy blue resin and harden it.
④ Make the night sky with glitter or color film on the back made with step 1.
Place brillion, star and gear on the night sky and harden it.
⑤ drop the plain resin on 4, coat the gears etc and harden it.
⑥ Place a small amount of powdered opal in the ocean part, stand up the gear parts and harden it.
⑦ Apply plain resin to the gear that you toppled with the brush, and harden it completely.
⑧ Insert water, parts, glitter and cap.
⑨ Finally add your favorite charm, ♪ finished ♪

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※ Please refrain from copying, adaptation and reproduction for profit purpose.
※ Please note that the resin solution does not touch the skin directly.