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Top Diy Cute DIY Cocktail Candle

Cute DIY Cocktail Candle


Cute DIY Cocktail Candle

■ Working time: about 30 minutes
(Except for hardening time)
■ Material cost: Approximately $5

· Pot
· Heat resistant container
· Jel candle / Clear (Daiso)
· Jel candle / Pink (Daiso)
· Stick to stir
· Work gloves
· Cocktail glass (Daiso)
※ To make it far from the heat source of the candle, one with a wide mouth
· Clear plastic folder file
· Sand for handmade candles (Daiso)
· Candle wick (Daiso)
· Disposable chopsticks
· Glass object (Daiso · Celia)
· Scissors

1) Place gel candle in a heat resistant container and melt it with hot water bath
2) Apply melted candle to the whole rim of the cocktail glass
3) Turn over the glass, press it against the candle sand, and stick it on
4) Dry
5) Clamp the candle wick with disposable chopsticks and fix it
6) Put in glass decoration objects
7) Pour half of the gel candle (clear)
8) Set aside for about 30 minutes
9) Pour half of the gel candle (pink)
10) Leave aside until it is set
11) Remove disposable chopsticks and finish by cutting the candle wick!

※ As long as you continue to use it, the gel will decrease. Please be careful not to let the glass touch the fire. Please stop using it if it comes close.

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