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Top Cooking 15 minutes ♪ Yakisoba Bowl

15 minutes ♪ Yakisoba Bowl


15 minutes ♪ Yakisoba Bowl

15 minutes ♪ Yakisoba Bowl Lunch

【Fried noodles】
◆ Ingredients: (for one person)
Pork belly 50g
1 cabbage
1/4 carrot
Shimeji mushrooms 1 bunch
1 Chinese noodles
Supplied sauce 1 bag
Water 60cc
Sesame oil appropriate amount
◆ Steps:
①Add sesame oil to frying pan and fry pork.
② When the color of the meat changes, add cabbage, carrots and shimeji mushrooms and fry.
③ Add Chinese noodles, accompanying soup, water, loosen and fry the noodles.
(If the Chinese noodles are hard, warm them for about 20 seconds in the microwave to make them easier to loosen.)
[Fried egg]
◆ Ingredients
1 egg
Oil appropriate amount
◆ How to make
(1) Drain the oil in the frying pan and slowly add the broken eggs. Put on very low heat.
② Fix the yolk in the middle by hand for about 10 seconds.
③ Bake for about 3 minutes without a lid, and you're done!
(Please adjust the baking time with your desired hardness)

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