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Top Diy Dip and Done! DIY Wire Leaf Hair Comb🌿

Dip and Done! DIY Wire Leaf Hair Comb🌿


Dip and Done! DIY Wire Leaf Hair Comb🌿

[Things to prepare]
・ Artistic wire (thick and thin)
・ Flat Pincers
・ Toupe American Flower “Toadip Clear”
・ Gold mirror powder
・ Plastic cup
・ Disposable spoon
・ sponge
・ UV-LED light
・ Comb
・ UV-LED resin
・ UV-LED craft resin coating solution

1. Cut the thicker wire into appropriate lengths and shape them into leaves.
2. Pass the thinner wire to the leaves and make leaf details.
3. Take an appropriate amount of dip solution into a glass and mix with gold mirror powder.
4. Soak the leaves made of wire in the dipping solution, dab the handle with a sponge and dry.
5. When it is completely dry, apply the resin coating solution to the surface and cure with UV-LED light for about 10 seconds.
6. Once all the leaves are coated, wrap the handle around the comb, apply resin and cure for about 10 seconds to complete.

* When handling dip solution or resin, use poly gloves and be careful not to get on skin or clothes. During and after use, make sure that the room is well ventilated.

* Resin immediately after curing may be hot, so be careful when handling.

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