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Top Nail 3 Easy Nail Designs using Bandaids

3 Easy Nail Designs using Bandaids


3 Easy Nail Designs using Bandaids

So Easy! 3 Nail Designs using Bandaids

Even if you are busy and you do not have time to go to the nail salon, you can easily do it yourself!
We introduce how to make cute nail designs with bandaids!

▼ Case1 How to french nail
1. Prepare a bandage, scissors, white nail polish and base color nails
2. Paint the base color
3. Point: It is important for it to be completely dry! If possible, paint the day before
4. Cut the bandage in half with scissors
5. Stick and peel off to weaken adhesive
6. Open the tip a little and apply the bandage
7. Hold the end of the nail with a toothpick
8. Apply manicure
9. Remove the bandage
10. Completion of French nails!

▼ Case2 Dot Nails
1. a bandage, scissors, white nails, base color
Prepare the nail
2. It is important to dry the base color completely!
If possible, paint the day before
3. Weaken the adhesive strength of the cut bandaid
4. Keep the bandage wide open
5. Stick a bandage on your nails
6.Put the open part of the hole on the nail
7. Apply plenty of nail polish
8. Check point: Remove the bandage immediately for best results
※ It may vary depending on the type of nail.
9. Completion of dot nails!

▼ Case3 How to make a heart nail
1. Prepare a bandage, scissors and red nail
2. Apply a base coat
3. Cut the bandage to the length of the nail with scissors and fold it in half
4. Cut the bandage into a heart shape with scissors
5. Apply a bandage so that the heart position is in the middle
6. Check point: If the bandage isn’t firmly stuck on the nail, the heart shape may move so make sure it’s on properly!
7. Apply nail to heart
8. Dry the nail well and remove the bandage
9. Heart nail completed!

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