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Top Diy Plump & Cute! Heart Earring

Plump & Cute! Heart Earring


Plump & Cute! Heart Earring

■ Working time: about 40 minutes
■ Material cost: Approximately $5

· Mixing palette
· Mixing stick (it can be a toothpick)
· Clear resin hoshi-no-shizuku / HARD type
· Coloring agent for resin · houseki-no-shizuku / Pink
· Glitter Powder Pink
· Heart type silicon mold
· UV light
· Eye pin
· Pearl Parts
· Fake fur ball parts
· Ribbon parts
· Flat pliers
Round jump ring
· Earring parts

1) Put clear resin, coloring agent and glitter powder on palette and mix
2) Pour in silicon mold until 8/10 full
3) Pour clear resin from the center and make a gradation
4) Cure with UV light
5) Place more clear resin from above and coat. Simultaneously place eye pin on and harden
6) Remove the heart parts from the mold
7) Connect parts of pearls, fake fur balls, ribbons with round jump ring
8) Finally complete by connecting the earring parts!

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