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Top Nail 3D Tabby Nail Arts♡

3D Tabby Nail Arts♡


3D Tabby Nail Arts♡

1. Apply base gel.
2. Apply white get two times.
3. Use white, blue and purple gel to draw morning glories.
4. Use khaki gel to draw ivy and leaves.
5. Apply top gel.
6. Use white acrylic powder to make tabby body first, then make face.
7. Wrap red embroidery thread around the cat's neck as a collar.
8. Apply yellow acrylic powder to make a ring on the collar.
9. Use orange and brown acrylic paint to draw patterns on the tabby's body.
10. Use pink acrylic paint to draw ears and nose.
11. Use black acrylic paint the draw eyes and whiskers.
12. Apply top gel.

produced by cin-cia nail academy 

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