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Top Hair 2 “Hair Cuff" Arrangements ♡

2 “Hair Cuff" Arrangements ♡


2 “Hair Cuff" Arrangements ♡

2 “Hair Cuff" Arrangements for Medium Hair ♡

"Hair cuff” accessories are the newest topic in hair styling!♡
Here, we will show 2 ways to style medium-length hair using this accessory.

"Half Up"
1. Make a half-up hairdo with the hair on top
2. Grab the hair from one side and twist over and into the hair rubber. Invert.
3. Loosen the whole hair and it is complete.
“All-braid style”
1. You can stop after the first style, or continue!
2. Gather hair into a ponytail and invert. Complete after loosening the hair as a whole.

Hair cuffs are recommended as a substitute for hair barrettes.

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