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Top Gourmet 【Thailand】Handicraft store and cafe

【Thailand】Handicraft store and cafe


【Thailand】Handicraft store and cafe

Bri B.
Nahim started as an handicraft business through Instagram which turned into a physical handicraft store and cafe. The shop and cafe, located near Hualumpong railway station is a cute atmospheric place to grab some food and check out crafts. The dish that came recommended are the Strawberry Waffles, served with vanilla ice cream. There is an extensive list of drinks. Apple soda is a good choice to feel refreshed while still giving you a sweet kick of flavour.

Strawberry Waffles - 120 Baht Apple Soda - 110 Baht

Nahim Cafe x Handcraft

address 78-80 Charoen Krung Soi 22 (Nana), Bangkok, Thailand
Phone Number +66 2 623 3449
ウェブ https://www.facebook.com/nahimcafe.handncraft

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