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Top Diy DIY: Fluffy Starry Galaxy iPhone Case

DIY: Fluffy Starry Galaxy iPhone Case


DIY: Fluffy Starry Galaxy iPhone Case

■Working time: about 30minutes (Except for drying)
■Cost: about $10

- iPhone case (that suits your smartphone model) … 1 case
- A gauze handkerchief
- Nail polish remover
- Blue, purple, green, orange permanent marker
- White acrylic paint
- Glitter nail polish
- Decoupage glue
- Marker
- 2 brushes
- Scissor
- Vinyl gloves

① Apply the iPhone case to the gauze and trace it with a pen according to the size of the case.
② Put cardboard or newspaper under the gauze so that the desk does not get dirty. Paint on the frame with permanent markers.
③ Protect the hand with vinyl gloves not to get dirty and put vinyl under the gauze. Apply a nail polish remover to the painted area with permanent markers and blur it. Wait until the remover dries.
④ Apply acrylic paint to a brush, lightly shake the brush on the gauze to express the stars. Apply a glitter nail polish. Wait until they dry.
⑤ Cut the gauze slightly larger than the mark you write in ①. Make a cut in the hole of the camera.
⑥ Apply a decoupage glue to iPhone case and paste the gauze. Apply also the decoupage glue on the side and paste the gauze and cut off extra. Make the hole of camera and finish.

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