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Top Sweets Sparkling Moon Shine Jelly♡

Sparkling Moon Shine Jelly♡


Sparkling Moon Shine Jelly♡

CCHAN Cooking
· Cooking time: About 45 minutes
· Cost: Approximately $2.50 (for one person)

■ Ingredients (Approximately for 2 *depends on the size of the glass)
Tea jelly
Tea leaf ... 4 g (or 1 tea bag)
Hot water ... 250ml
Agar ... 15 g
Sugar ... 40 g

Mango Jelly
Water ... 250ml
Sugar ... 50 g
Agar ... 15 g
Mango syrup ... appropriate amount

Lemon jelly
Water ... 250ml
Sugar ... 75 g
Agar ... 15 g
Lemon juice ... appropriate amount

Decoration (finishing)
Grape ... 2 grapes
Gold leaf ... appropriate amount

Tea jelly
1. Extract tea from tea leaves and transfer it to a pot.
2. Add sugar and agar together in tea that is boiled in a pot and mix.
3. Put the boiled tea jelly into a glass and cool it in a refrigerator.

Mango jelly and lemon jelly
4. Pour water into each pot and boil.
5. Add sugar and agar together, mix well, add mango syrup in one pot and lemon juice in another.
6. Mix each well, transfer to a flat bat and cool in a refrigerator.
7. Crush chilled mango jelly and lemon jelly using a spoon.
8. Put the mango jelly on top the chilled tea jelly until halfway of the glass and add the grapes.
9. Combine the crushed lemon jelly with gold leaf and pour it on top of the mango jelly and it's done♪

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