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Top Diy Dangling Jelly Fish Earrings

Dangling Jelly Fish Earrings


Dangling Jelly Fish Earrings

· Hemispherical silicon mold
· UV-LED resin HARD
· Resin coloring agent cyan / pink
· gloves
· Toning palette
· Toning stick
· UV light
· Hand drill
· Metal bar wave type
· Eye pin
· Round jump ring
· Flat pincer
· Nipper
· Round pincer
· Earring parts

1) Color the resin with cyan and pink respectively
2) Pour 2 colors into the mold little by little
3) Lift the mold and spread it throughout the hemisphere while turning
4) Cure with UV light
5) Pour a small amount of clear resin, spread it in the same way and harden it
6) Once removed from the mold, drill a hole in the center
7) Pass eye pin and metal bar through round jump ring
8) Pass 6 through the eye pin
9) Bend the tip of eye pin at a right angle and cut the extra length with a nipper
10) Round with round pincer
11) Connect with earring parts and completed!

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