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Top Diy DIY “Night Return Necklace”

DIY “Night Return Necklace”


DIY “Night Return Necklace”

DIY “Night Return Necklace”

Popular artists from C CHANNEL and minne showcase how to make handmade works in recipe videos!
This time, we will introduce the “Night Return Necklace” created by Raspperima (https://minne.com/razpelyma).

・ UV resin
・ UV or LED light
・ Two flat pincers
・ gloves
・ Tweezers or toothpick
・ Round 20mm frame
・ Circular scale
・ Wicked sticks or fine wire pens
・ Brass plate
・ Scissors
・ Pigment or ink of your choice (blue)
・ Illustrated film for resin or self-made film
・ Circular cutter for self-made film
・ Star-shaped beads
・ Accessory hardware of your choice
・ Charm of your choice

①Draw a double line on the brass plate with a circular scale to make a moon shape, and cut out with scissors.
② Hit the cut moon to give a crater-like pattern.
③ Draw a circle with blue resin inside the empty frame and cure.
④ Pour a small amount of plain resin into the frame to remove bubbles and cure.
⑤ Pour a small amount of plain resin into the frame, put the moon made in step 1, remove bubbles, and cure.
⑥Pour a small amount of plain resin into the frame, remove air bubbles, put the film of the picture of the Ferris wheel, and cure.
⑦ Pour plain resin so as to cover the frame, remove bubbles, and cure.
⑧ Put a small amount of plain resin on 7 and put the stars on it to cure.
⑨Apply the finishing resin on top of 8, and fix and cure the surface.
* If the resin is protruding on the back, cut it with a cutter.
⑩ Pour plain resin over the frame on the back and cure.
Finish the resin, prepare the surface, completely cure and complete.

<See more of Razperima's work>

* Please refrain from duplicating, adapting or reprinting for commercial purposes.
* Be careful not to make the resin solution touch the skin directly.

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