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Top Diy DIY Resin Chain Hoop Earrings ♡

DIY Resin Chain Hoop Earrings ♡


DIY Resin Chain Hoop Earrings ♡

DIY Resin Chain Hoop Earrings ♡

Not a difficult process! You can easily make one mold! It feels like making a nostalgic ring decoration ♪

【Things you need】
・ Silicon mold ring type
・ UV-LED resin Hoshi no Shizuku SOFT
・ Random cut aurora pink powder
・ gloves
・ Toning palette
・ Toning stick
・ UV light
・ cutter
・ Clear file or underlying material
・ Pin vice
・ Heaton
・ Round parts
・ Stone with can
・ Earring metal fittings
・ Flat pincers

1. Mix resin and chopped aurora powder and pour into mold
2. Cure with UV light
3. Once removed, cut the medium ring with a cutter
4. Thread small and large rings through the notch and apply a small amount of resin to the cross section to cure.
5. Drill a small hole with a pin vise
6. Apply resin to Heaton and harden after inserting into hole
7. When the stone and the piercing bracket are connected with a round part, it is completed!

Soft resin is used to make it easier to cut, but it is possible even with hard ♪ (It takes a little time because it is hard)

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